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Introduction to Dynamical Systems by Michael Brin and Garrett Stuck An Introduction to Dynamical Systems by R. Clark Robinson An Introduction to Dynamical Systems by D. K. Arrowsmith and C. M. Place


American Mathematical Society
9 journals. On-line access to most, some are free.

SIAM Journals
Searchable database of abstracts from 1994. Full text to subscribers. 11 titles.

Hindawi Publishing Corporation
6 mathematics titles.

EDP Sciences
7 mathematics titles.

Turpion Ltd.
4 titles. English translations of leading Russian journals.

University of Toronto Press
Most journals have tables of contents, abstracts, editorials, and sample articles. 3 mathematics titles.

VSP Publications
10 titles.

Canadian Mathematical Society
3 main titles, searchable indexes and tables of contents.

MAA Journals
4 titles.

London Mathematical Society
3 main journals, one electronic, several copublished.

Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics
Journals and serials: 9 titles.

Baywood Publishing
Publishes Journal of Recreational Mathematics.

IOS Press
List of journals, including mathematics-related titles.

Heldermann Verlag
9 mathematics titles.

World Scientific
17 titles. Contents and abstracts free: full text to institutional subscribers.

Applied Probability Trust
4 titles.

Taru Publications
Five mathematics journals.

Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (UK)
6 mathematics titles.

Springer: Mathematics,11855,5-10042-0-0-0,00.html
One of the giants of mathematics publishing. 60+ journals. Searchable catalogue, on-line ordering, European sales.

Cambridge University Press
14 Mathematics titles.

European Mathematical Society Publishing House
2 titles.

International Press
10 titles.

GBS Publishers and Distributors
Four mathematics titles.

Offering full text articles of mathematical publications, including SIAM and IMS. Includes catalog.

Nova Publishers
Journals, including 6 mathematics titles.

Pushpa Publishing House
7 mathematics and statistics titles.

Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium
4 titles.

Georgian Academy of Science
2 mathematics titles.

Arnold Journals
Statistics (2 titles).

Taylor and Francis Group
3 mathematics titles, available online.

Wiley Interscience
14 titles.

Mathematics and Statistics: 5 titles.

Discussiones Mathematicae
4 titles.

International Publications
4 titles.

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