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Physical Review E
Journal for research in statistical, nonlinear and soft-matter physics.

Regular & Chaotic Dynamics
Focuses on regular and stochastic behavior in deterministic dynamical systems.

International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos (IJBC)
Focuses on experimental, computational and theoretical aspects of bifurcations, chaos and complexity in applied sciences and engineering.

Interdisciplinary journal of nonlinear science.

Complexity International
Refereed journal for scientific papers dealing with any area of complex-systems research.

Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics
Application of nonlinear dynamics and statistics to advance the understanding of economic and financial markets.

Chaos, Solitons & Fractals
Journal which includes applications in science and engineering. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text to subscribers.

International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation
Focuses on the nature of nonlinear problems or numerical simulations of such problems.

Focuses on nonlinear phenomena in mathematics, physics and other sciences.

Journal of Nonlinear Science,11855,4-0-70-1100938-detailsPage%253Djournal%257Cdescription%257Cdescription,00.html
Aims to publish papers that augment the fundamental ways to describe, model, and predict nonlinear phenomena. Abstracts online.

Terminology glossary about complex systems and chaotic dynamics.

The Chaos Hypertextbook
Covering several aspects of the theory by topics, including nonlinear dynamics. Includes experiments for programmable calculators and definitions.

Wikipedia: Chaos Theory
Free encyclopedia article describing the basics of the theory. Addresses mathematical, physical and historical aspects.

Chaos at Maryland
Research group at the University of Maryland. Includes papers, gallery, database, abstracts, software, bibliography and contact.

Online Chaos Course
Interactive, nontechnical introduction to chaos physics and chaotic motion in classical and quantum mechanics.

Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and Life Sciences
Brings together researchers, theoreticians and practitioners interested in applying dynamical systems theory. Includes membership information, publications, meetings, tutorials and other resources.

Chaos: Making a New Science
Excerpt from the bestseller that brought the forefront of research to public eye. Includes illustrations and links.

Sci.nonlinear FAQ
FAQs collection from the sci.nonlinear newsgroup. Addresses basics, tutorial, applications and computational resources.

Experimental Chaos Conference
Biennial meeting focusing on experimental work in nonlinear dynamics and chaos. Includes proceedings and contact information.

The Feigenbaum Fractal
Comprehensive analysis of the Feigenbaum set. Addresses mathematical and historical background.

Centre for Chaos Control and Synchronization
Research center of the City University of Hong Kong concerned with fundamental research and industrial applications. Includes mission statement, member list, publications, project and contact information.

Chaos Theory: A Brief Intro
Brief introduction to the theory. Includes an essay describing fractional dimensions.

Chaos Research Group
Interdisciplinary research group at the University of Tennessee concerned with deterministic nonlinear dynamic aspects. Includes overview, publications, bibliography, monographs, glossary and project information.

Lecture notes on periodic orbits.

In the Wake of Chaos
Short review of book exposing the actual philosophical implications of chaos theory.

An Introduction to Lindenmayer Systems
Discusses the modeling of fractal plants with L-systems. Includes theoretical background, references and code.

Chaos Demonstrations
Introductory course on chaos from the California Institute of Technology, adressing basics, Lorenz attractor and Chua's Circuit. Includes program source code and bibliography.

A Beginner's Guide to Chaos
Covers the geometric and complex iterative framework by comparing chaos to randomness. Includes illustrations and programs.

Continued Fractions and Chaos
Scientific paper exploring some results of the theory of chaotic dynamical systems. Includes abstract, proceeding and references.

Chaos Metalink
Resource for the scientific and non-scientific communities. Includes bibliography, gallery, tutorials, and softwares.

Chaos: A Pictorial Introduction
Illustrates some essential features of the theory which have received media attention in recent years. Includes animated pictures.

The Macsin Research Group
Research group concerned with various aspects of modeling, analysis and control of nonlinear and chaotic dynamics systems. Includes project and contact information.

Emergence of Chaos
Demonstrates how chaos emerges following a change in a parameter. Includes mathematical formulations and diagrams.

The Non-Linear Lab
Covers many aspects and appliations of nonlinear mathematic. Includes interactive applets, tutorials and gallery.

Chaos and the Solar System
Article about the development of the theory and its astromomic insights.

Discusses the order of deterministic chaos. Includes pictures and background about fractal dimensions.

Quantum-like Chaos in Prime Number Distribution and in Turbulent Fluid Flows
Paper concerned with the chaotic behavior of prime number distribution from the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology.

Java Chaos Simulator
Program designed to create and experiment with classical billiard systems and analyze their chaotic properties. Includes animated tutorial and system requirements.

The Chaos Game
Outlines Barnsley's chaos game, in which a random number generator is used to produce various fractals. Includes fractal screensavers.

Yahoo Groups: Caostheory
Discusses the theory and its applications in various fields, such as medicine, astronomy and art.

A Route into Chaos: The Logistic Equation
Introduction to sequence related functions. Addresses basics, logistic equation and Lyapunov exponents. [English, German]

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