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Numerical Analysis
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IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis
(IMA/OUP) Contents, abstracts from vol.16 (1996).

Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA)
Papers that deal with the analysis of algorithms for the solution of continuous models and numerical linear algebra or discuss implementation and performance of such algorithms. Full text, free.

SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis
Contents from vol.31 (1994).

Development and analysis of numerical methods and the design and use of algorithms for scientific computing. Table of contents starting 1993, search engine. Full text to subscribers.

Journal of Numerical Mathematics
(VSP) Formerly East-West Journal of Numerical Mathematics. Tables of contents of all volumes.

Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling
Contents of all volumes.

Journal of Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems
Contents of all volumes.

Journal of Approximation Theory
Editors' page. Links to the published journal and related topics.

Journal of Computational Mathematics
Chinese Academy of Sciences/VSP. Contents of all volumes.

ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software
A research journal of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Specializes in research on the methodology and practice of mathematical computer program development, evaluation and use.

Numerical Analysis by Richard L. Burden, J. Douglas Faires Numerical Analysis by Richard L. Burden, J. Douglas Faires Applied Numerical Analysis by Curtis F. Gerald, Patrick O. Wheatley

Numerical Algorithms
Tables of Contents of volumes 1--22 (1999).

International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing
(World Scientific) IJWMIP considers the state of the art in multiresolution theory and modern wavelet analysis as well as their applications.

Siberian Journal of Numerical Mathematics
(Russian Academy of Sciences) Author and subscription information. Tables of contants and abstracts of all volumes.

Acta Numerica
CUP. Publisher information.

IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis
Tables of contents from issues of the IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis. Coverage begins in 1991 (volume 11).

A Friendly Introduction to Numerical Analysis. by Brian Bradie

SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis
Tables of contents from February 1990 (vol.27 no.1) to April 1998 (vol.35 no.2).

International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing (IJWMIP)
(World Scientific) Multiresolution theory, modern wavelet analysis and information processing and their applications. Tables on contents and sample articles.

Numerische Mathematik,11855,6-0-70-1020792-detailsPage%253Djournal%257Cdes cription%257Cdescription,00.html
Aims to publish papers of the very highest quality presenting significantly new and important developments in all areas of Numerical Analysis. Tables of contents from vol.67 (1994) on. Full text to subscribers.

Calcolo,11855,6-0-70-1134366-detailsPage%253Djournal%257Cdes cription%257Cdescription,00.html
Published under the direction of the Institute for Computational Mathematics in Pisa, Calcolo publishes papers in English on numerical analysis and its applications, and on the theory of computation. Tables of contents from vol.35 (1998) on; full text to subscribers.

Constructive Approximation,11855,6-0-70-1056700-detailsPage%253Djournal%257Cdes cription%257Cdescription,00.html
An international mathematics journal dedicated to approximations and expansions and related research and applications. Tables of contents from vol.12 (1996) on. Full text to susbcribers. Online problems section.

Dynamical Systems Mechanics

Climate Dynamics, Chaos and Quantum Mechanics
A general systems theory for chaos, quantum mechanics and climate dynamics applicable to dynamical systems of all space-time scales.

Crowd Dynamics
Crowd and Egress Dynamics by G. Keith Still.

Dynamical Systems Home Page
Conference listings, survey articles, open problems, people, jobs, and seminars.

Dynamical Systems Lab
This set of lectures is designed to explore one-dimensional dynamical systems using the software Chaos and Dynamics.

Dynamical Systems Websites
A list of research sites maintained at the University of Warwick.

Dynamics in One Complex Variable
These notes study the dynamics of iterated holomorphic mappings from a Riemann surface to itself. The reader is assumed to be familiar with the rudiments of complex variable theory and of two-dimensional differential geometry.

Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
With a particular emphasis on applications to other areas of mathematics. Mark Pollicott.

Evolution Equations and Semigroups
Bulletin board and preprint archive.

Java Exploration Tool for Dynamical Systems
This Java Applet can be used for the exploration on two-dimensional analytical defined dynamical systems. The system is defined by a set of two differential equations, which will be evaluated within adjustable regions forming a two-dimensional vector field.

Nonlinear Dynamics Bibliography
Maintained by Peter E. Beckmann, Johannes Gutenberg Universität.

Pages on Dynamical Systems
A interactive laboratory on dynamical systems, in particular on particle systems.

Population Dynamics with Hysteresis Effect
Papers on population dynamics with hysteresis based on phase transition phenomena, by Emil Minchev (PDF/PS).

Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics
The Society seeks to promote the use of nonlinear methods in economics and finance from both a theoretical and empirical perspective.

Surveys in Dynamical Systems
References to several surveys and papers of introductory character which are available on-line.

An Introduction to Numerical Analysis by Endre Süli, David F. Mayers Elementary Numerical Analysis by Kendall Atkinson, Weimin Han An Introduction to Numerical Analysis by Kendall Atkinson

Turbulent Landscapes
Turbulent Landscapes is the result of 13 artists' explorations of complexity in nature. The exhibit will travel to museums and science centers in upcoming months.

Dynamical Systems: an International Journal
Formerly Dynamics and Stability of Systems (Routledge). Tables of contents from vol.11 (1996), abstracts from vol.14 (1999). Full text to subscribers.

Far East Journal of Dynamical Systems
(Pushpa) Table of contents and abstracts from vol.1 (1999).

Journal of Dynamical Systems and Geometric Theories
(Taru) Author information and tables of contents (PDF).

Multibody System Dynamics,11855,4-40109-70-35752766-0,00.html
(Kluwer) Abstracts and contents of all volumes. Full text to subscribers.

Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems
Contents, abstracts, free text.

Regular and Chaotic Dynamics
Abstracts, contents. Full text to subscribers.

UK Nonlinear News
Newsletter for researchers in the applied and theoretical sides of nonlinear mathematics to keep abreast of the wide variety of nonlinear activities throughout the UK. All issues on-line.

	Numerical Analysis : Mathematics of Scientific Computing by David R. Kincaid, E. Ward Cheney  Introduction to Numerical Analysis by J. Stoer, et al Introduction to Numerical Analysis (2nd Edition) (Dover Books on Advanced Mathematics) by F. B. Hildebrand

(France) Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy
Dynamics, Arithmetic, Combinatorics. Site in French and English.

(France) Université de Paris-Sud, Orsay
Topology and Dynamical Systems research group. Members, seminars, theses.

(Germany) Free University Berlin
Nonlinear Dynamics research group. Members, projects, publications, meetings, links.

(Germany) University of Munich
Nonlinear Dynamics Group. Group information and publications.

(Japan) University of Kyoto
Department of Applied Analysis and Complex Dynamical Systems. Macroscopic phenomena of complex systems consisting of microscopic elements, mostly via nonlinear, large-scale interactions.

	Numerical Analysis with CD-ROM
by Timothy Sauer
 Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics, Volume 13 : Special Volume (Handbook of Numerical Analysis)
by W.H.A. SCHILDERS, E.J.W. TER MATEN Numerical Analysis and Graphics Visualization With Matlab
by Shoichiro Nakamura

(Netherlands) Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Dynamical Systems programme. Activities, courses, members, meetings, projects, jobs.

(Spain) Barcelona UB-UPC
Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and Universitat Politčcnica de Catalunya (UPC) joint Dynamical Systems Group. Meetings, publications.

(Spain) Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona
Grup de Sistemes Dinŕmics. Members, publications, seminars, resources.

(UK) Queen Mary, University of London
Dynamical Systems group. Research projects, members, publications, seminars and resources.

The UK Spatially Extended Dynamics Organisation. An inter-university research collaboration meeting several times a year.

Theoretical Numerical Analysis : A Functional Analysis Framework (Texts in Applied Mathematics)
by Kendall Atkinson, Weimin Han 2005 Numerical Analysis (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
by Rainer Kress

(UK) University of Bath
The Centre for Nonlinear Mechanics: an interdisciplinary research centre combining many aspects from engineering and pure science in the modelling of practical nonlinear systems.

(UK) University of Cambridge
The Nonlinear Centre: a research group in Dynamical Systems and related aspects of Nonlinear Science. Based in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) and the Statistical Laboratory.

(UK) University of Leeds
Centre For Nonlinear Studies. Research collaborations between mathematicians, scientists and engineers with a common interest in nonlinear dynamics and its applications. Meetings, publications and resources.

(UK) University of Liverpool
Dynamical Systems research group: members, research topics.

(UK) University of London, University College
Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications. People, current research areas, meetings, publications, links.

Theoretical Numerical Analysis : An Introduction to Advanced Techniques
by Peter Linz

(UK) University of Manchester
Dynamical Systems Seminar schedule.

(UK) University of York
Networks and Nonlinear Dynamics Group, Department of Mathematics. Control, prediction and optimisation of complex systems. Systems looked at include road traffic, telecoms traffic and production data from noisy real-world industrial processes.

(USA) Brown University
Lefschetz Center for Dynamical Systems. Members, research interests, publications, software, meetings, resources.

(USA) Cornell University
Dynamics at Cornell: projects, software, theses.

(USA) Georgia Tech
The Center for Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Studies was established in September 1988 to strengthen the existing research activities in the School of Mathematics with special focus on dynamical systems, differential equations, nonlinear analysis, and applications.

(USA) Montana State University
DynaChat: dynamics seminar. Past and future speakers.

(USA) Penn State
Center for Dynamical Systems. Meetings, members, publications.

Laboratory for Computational Astrophysics
A joint project of the National Center for Supercomputer Applications and the Department of Astronomy of the University of Illinois.

N-Body/Particle Simulation Methods
An extensive online tutorial with examples and code references.

[open source - Unix] An extendible stellar dynamics toolbox; has various programs to create, integrate, analyze and visualize N-body and SPH-like systems. In addition there are various tools to operate on images, tables and orbits, including FITS files to export/import to/from other astronomical data reduction packages.

ORSA - Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis
ORSA is a C++ framework for the development of algorithms and programs oriented to the simulation and analysis of the orbital evolution of bodies in space.

Stellar Astrophysics Software
[open source - Windows] Various programs for stellar astrophysics. Includes CHANDRA stellar structure software for collapsed objects including rotating white dwarfs and neutron stars, and STARCAL for nuclear astrophysics and the stellar structure of main sequence stars with supernova forecasting.

Aarseth's N-body software
[open source - multiplatform] Direct N-body algorithms.

Barnes & Hut Treecode Algorithm
[open source - multiplatform] A guide to a tree code algorithm implementation, used for astronomical N-body simulations.

[open source - multiplatform] Visualization package to capture and display Gadget N-body simulations.

CFD codes list
A large list of commercial, public-domain and shareware Computational Fluid Dynamics codes.

Cosmological initial conditions and microwave anisotropy codes for cosmological modelling. COSMICS is a package of fortran-77 programs.

A comprehensive spline curve function library for creating and evaluating splines in Excel, VB and VBA. Free download of evaluation copy.

An Index to Numerical Methods in Pascal
A comprehensive list including freeware, shareware and commercial packages.

Astronomical Image Processing System
A software package for calibration, data analysis, image display, plotting, etcetera on astronomical data.

Astronomy and Numerical Source Codes
Astronomical computations and mathematical functions source programs in C. Home page of the Cephes Mathematical Library.

Boundary Element Method
Resources: Acoustics, Laplace and Helmholtz Problems. Book, manuals, Fortran software (Free and to purchase).

Center for the Mathematics of Waves
Includes the Finite Element/Nystrom Solver, a two dimensional coupled finite element / Nystrom solver for the Helmholtz equation.

A standard fortran 77 package for solving large-scale nonlinearly constrained optimization problems. Free download by FTP.

Decision Tree for Optimization Software
Ready to use solutions for optimization problems, or at least a way to build such a solution using work done by others. Where possible, public domain software is listed.

Discrete Fourier Series Transform
Basic presentation of the discrete Fourier series transform. Explanations and formules. Raw source code to calculate numerical Fourier transforms.

Software for nonlinear programming.

Used to identify parameters in explicit model functions, dynamic systems of equations (steady-state), Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, differential algebraic equations and one-dimensional partial differential equations. Proceeding from given experimental data. For example, observation times and measurements, the minimum least squares distances of measured data from a fitting criterion are computed, that may depend on the solution of the dynamic system.

Free general PDE solver driven by a user friendly language. Both a 2D and a 3D version are available. MacOS, Windows.

Freely Available Software for the Solution of Linear Algebra Problems
Software for high-performance computers available in source form for problems in numerical linear algebra, specifically dense, sparse direct and iterative systems and sparse iterative eigenvalue problems.

Genetic Optimization Algorithm
Freeware used to solve optimization problems with several real and binary parameters and non linear objective functions and constraints. Includes illustration of program and links to the author's other webpages.

Jean-Pierre Moreau's Home Page
This private website is entirely dedicated to sources in numerical analysis in four languages: Basic, C++, Fortran and Pascal in Microsoft Windows environment.

MAI Information Technology
Numerical, statistical, and signal processing subroutine libraries optimised for OS/2 platforms.

MatLinks Software Network
Providing the MatLinks ToolChest and Chorus ToolBox, peer-reviewed GNU Octave and Matlab/Simulink toolsuites under active development by scientists and engineers around the world.

MEDEA: Matrix Exponential Differential Equation Algorithm
Algorithm for the numerical integration of systems of ordinary differential equations arising in chemical problems. C ocde, free to use.

METIS: Serial Graph/Mesh Partitioning & Sparse Matrix Ordering
Graph, mesh, and hypergraph partitioning software. Free download, portable on most Unix systems that have an ANSI C compiler (e.g. GNU C).

MIT Aero/Astro Scientific Visualization
Visualization software developed at MIT.

Searchable repository of free numerical software.

Newmat C++ Matrix Manipulation Library
For the manipulation of matrices in the C++ language, oriented towards science and engineering applications.

Numerical Methods
Notes and Fortran code on topics including: Finite elements, finite differences, boundary elements, integral equation methods, optimisation,linear systems, numerical integration, ODEs.


Object-oriented Finite Element / Numerical Methods in C++
VectorSpace C++ Library for advanced numerical computation such as constrained optimization, variational methods, and computational mechanics.

Ordinary Differential Equation System Solver
A Java-Applet/Application for solving ODE systems.

Reactor Simulation Editor, Introduction with Examples
The Reactor Simulation Editor (rsedit) is a software package designed to solve finite difference equations in a simplified way. The tool kit includes: a geometry editor, data structure editors, equation editor and an HTML output library.

Scientific Computing
Software and Algorithms for linear and nonlinear inverse Problems: Computerized tomography, wavelet applications, statical computations, multi parameter fit and more

FORTRAN programs for solving Sturm--Liouville equations.

Spline Curve Fit 3D
Software for complex three dimensional surfaces.

The tensor language. Scientific computing language and environment.

Test Set for Initial Value Problem Solvers
Test problems, experimental results from a number of proven solvers, solvers, subroutines providing a common interface and links for Initial Value Problems for ODEs, DAEs and IDEs.

The Algae Programming Language
A high-level interpreted language for numerical analysis. Free (GNU GPL).

An implementation of exact real arithmetic in C++ by Keith Briggs.


Mathematician Biography Index
A site giving brief biographies for virtually every important mathematician in history.

Math Reviews Author Database
Searchable: requires subscription.

Erdös Number Project
Research into the collaboration graph centered around mathematician Paul Erdös.

CML Search
Combined Membership List for the AMS, MAA, SIAM, AMATYC, AWM and CMS. Includes almost all North American mathematicians.

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora
African American Mathematicians.

Images of Mathematicians on Postage Stamps
High-quality scans of postage stamps from around the world picturing famous mathematicians.

Electronic World Directory of Mathematicians (EWDM)
A project of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) to create a searchable directory of mathematicians' home pages.

Mathematicians of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Accounts of their lives and works, adapted from "A Short Account of the History of Mathematics" by W. W. Rouse Ball.

Chronological List of Mathematicians
A list of all of the important mathematicians working in a given century.

Mathematics Genealogy Project
Aims to list information about everyone who has earned a doctorate in mathematics during the 20th century. This will allow mathematicians to trace their academic "family tree" and discover their advisor's advisor, their advisor's "siblings" at graduate school, and so on. Over 28,000 names from 380 universities and 30,000 records waiting to be organized.

EMS Directory of Individual Members
Searchable directory of individual members of the European Mathematical Society who have permitted the publication of their data.

Mathematician Trading Cards
Pictures and biographies.

Indexes of Biographies
Biographies of famous mathematicians, indexed alphabetically and chronologically. Part of MacTutor History of Mathematics archive.

Addresses of Mathematicians Working in Singularity Theory
Maintained by the European singularity theory network.

Women in Math Project
Biographies, bibliographies, a search engine, information and links to journals, newsletters, and catalogs on or of interest to women in mathematics.

Some biographical sketches of mathematicians, ancient and modern.

Wolf Prize Recipients in Mathematics
Citations for the prize-winners.

Australian Mathematical Society Membership Directory
The 2000 Edition of the Society's Administrative Directory.

Australian-based Mathematicians
Commissioned by the International Mathematical Union (IMU) to create a database of mathematicians.

Directory for Hong Kong Mathematicians
Information on the whereabouts of Mathematicians currently working in Hong Kong, with research subject index.

Geometry/Topology Address Book
Edition 08.98.R1 (August 14, 1998).

Directory of Scholars in Mathematics and Statistics in Taiwan
Organised initially by institute. With research interests.

Directory of Latin American and Caribbean Mathematicians
Compiled by UMALCA. Searchable.

Structure Theorists
List of logicians, algebraists, categoricians, ... working on mathematical structure.

Famous Mathematicians from Underrepresented Groups
Links and birthdays.

Polish Mathematicians Index
Searchable by name or subject.

E-mail Addresses of Russian Mathematicians
Compiled by Sergei Duzhin.

WWW VL: Addresses
A list of collections of mathematicians' addresses, by subject or institution. Part of the Mathematics WWW Virtual Library.

World Directory / Estonia
The data submitted by the Estonian Mathematical Society to the World Directory of Mathematicians.

Math Biographies
Mathematicians are ones who have studied pi, have used pi in their work or were chosen by students for personal reasons.

Canadian Mathematical Society Membership List gopher://
Gopher search interface.

 First Course in Numerical Analysis : Second Edition by Anthony Ralston, Philip Rabinowitz Francis Scheid

The Music of José Oscar Marques
Fractal compositions in general MIDI file format.

Fractal Music Lab
Tools and information on exploring and advancing the musical use of fractals. With sound samples, software, and articles on fractals and composition.

Fractal Music
Links to fractal music sites, as well as free fractal music generation applets and related information.

Unusual Music at Unusual Research
"All of the music on Unusual Research is actually the musical representation of fractal equations. As you listen to the music you are hearing a fractal progression of notes." This site contains music and limited information.

Discrete And Continuous Dynamical Systems

Journal Of Dynamical Systems & Geometric Theories

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